An Inverted tee hitting device with pendulum swinging capability that replicates

pitches to 100+ mph for loading, timing and bat path work.

Our numbers don't lie:

+55%University of Maryland study on inverted tee

Instruct + Train + Develop = RESULTS

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​​​​A top quality, precisely engineered, highly effective, and full range device

for baseball/softball coaching, training, and power development.

No other device in the world will do it. TM

Product Description

• The patented functionality of the u-TeeTM allows hitters of all ages and skill levels to work on timing, loading, and mechanics of ANY pitch in (and outside of) the 3D hitting zone.  The u-TeeTM presents the ball to the batter "upside down" by magnetic force without the visual and bat path interference that stick supports of traditional tees always produce.

• The unique pendulum swinging capabilities of the u-TeeTM allow timing and loading work with reaction times that mimic pitches from 60 - 100 mph.  Static ball drills allow efficient and productive mechanical technique work with pitch locations that no other device can reproduce.

• With infinite ball positions, pendulum swinging, no visual obstruction, and a perfect path to contact just below the equator of the ball, it develops solid contact and power to ALL fields.  The University of Maryland study, conducted for Harvey Ratner and his inverted tee (reproduced under Evidence of Effectiveness), supports these facts.

U.S. Patent  8,585,516

U.S. Patent  8,784,240


Pendulum Swinging

Static Positioning